In all sincerity, no lady wants to date a broke guy, forget about the independent lady stunts you see on social media. Everyone of us fantasizes about being with a super duper millionaire, a business mogul of some sort or one of these rich men kids, I for one like to fantasize about one of Dangote’s sons (My mouth’s wide abi….).Those that are very realistic or  subtle among us permits their imaginations to dance around comfortability,more like an easy access to 3 square meals a day and as at when due, proper shelter of one’s choice that is not necessarily extravagant amidst others. All in all, no one wants to come head on with ‘BROKENESS’.

Like one of Rihanna’s songs, Love plays hide and seek on some of us making us find it in hopeless places, working our way into the hearts of very caring broke guys. An event we can’t blame anyone or anything for.

Is this to say that those of us in love with these ‘work in progress’ are unfortunately doomed to a life of penniless penury?  HELL NO!. There’s no situation that even the  tiniest of hope cannot change, although there are hopeless situations such as being with a man who has no vision and purpose,who doesn’t know where he wants the ship of his life to sail to, a man who just lives everyday as it comes (in this case its better to ‘bolt’ away).

What if you’re on the brighter side of the picture? Your man has an heavy dose of vision and purpose and he’s also taking steps(no matter how small they are) to achieve them,then there’s no problem, love away sis! Though there’s work for us to do …it’s to never stop believing in our men and to never stop praying for them, this stirs hard work and a serious passion to succeed. Never make your man feel small, praise him often, it feeds his ego.

No matter how dry a desert is,there’s always an Oasis. No matter how broke a man is, he should never forget who he is, A MAN! In no case should  he live off you, you can occasionally give him gifts tho…(note the word is ‘occasionally’ not often). He should be able to give you gifts too, take responsibility for your looks once in a while, if he doesn’t give you anything now, he wouldn’t give you anything when the money comes. There’s a difference between being broke and being stingy’

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