Can A Girl Ask A Guy Out Before He Asks Her Out?


Can A Girl Ask A Guy Out? There Are So Many Opinions Out There, And All Of Them Make A Great Point. But If You Want To Hear It From The Love Experts At LovePanky And Put All Those Tongues To Rest, Here’s What We Have To Say.

If you’re wondering whether a girl can ask a guy out, of course, she can.

But there are a few things to remember before you take the plunge.

It’s natural to like a guy.

And it’s natural to want to ask a guy out. And it’s easy.

But you shouldn’t do it unless you have no other alternative.


Most guys say they’re completely fine with it when a girl asks a guy out.

Some guys even say they prefer it because it takes the pressure off of asking a girl out.

But ask us, and we’ll tell you the answer. You shouldn’t do it.

Now we’re not being uptight or prejudiced about the male species and their ways. But that’s just the way stolen glances and love works.

Guys and girls are different in many ways.

And especially when it comes to a relationship, great guys like a good chase.


When you tell a guy you like him, it’s not really disappointing, but a guy would never understand how special you are.

Nor would he understand how much he needs you until he doesn’t have you.

It’s too easy, like a free brochure that you get in your mailbox now and then. It goes straight to the bin.

Can a girl ask a guy out?

If you like a guy, and want him to stick around, you need to make him like you back before you even ask him out. It’s quite pointless to walk up to a guy and tell him you like him. And the conversation’s going to sound like this.

Girl (nervous): Hi, I like you, and I was just wondering if we could go out sometime…

Boy (sheepish): Ohh, oh…kay… sweet!

Girl (relieved): How about we go out sometime?

Boy (happy): Yeah, sure, how about Saturday night?

And then, the girl’s happy and the boy’s happy too. And the boy goes to his friends. He learns to brag.

Boy (boastful): Hey, check this out. That girl we keep bumping into, you know, the girl with the awesome boobs, she just asked me out.

Friends (in awe): Oh, yeah?! That’s hot, dude… so what are you gonna do? Lay her this weekend?

Boy (chick magnet): Ha ha ha ha… we’ll find out, won’t we…?

The boy scores, looks good in front of his friends, gets a date and a swollen ego and thinks he’s a chick magnet. The girl may be very sweet, but he doesn’t care. All he cares about is the fact that the girl asked him out. So he must be charming, sexy and could get any girl he wanted.

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