How You Can Delete/Forget Someone You L0ve So Much Especially Your EX

January 9, 2018

Getting rid of someone you truly loves whether current lover or ex is little bit easy if you\’re determined.
I\’m always asked by my fans and clients ” I have tried to get rid of my ex-girlfriend/boyfriend but it\’s seems so hard for me. What should I do?”

MY RESPONSE: Many people think getting rid of someone you truly loved is a one night automatic process. Nope. It takes time and effort and it all starts with you. How?
You have to get out of denial and accept the fact that the relationship ended and it was the right time for it to end, you have to forgive yourself for what you did wrong (the mess and unfulfilled promises), you have to forgive yourself for accepting the lies and foolery, you have to forgive yourself for being led on and used and you have to forgive your ex for all the wrongs he/she did to you even though they didn’t apologise to you.

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