Boyfriend Kills Girlfriend By Stabbing Her 80 Times After She Dumped Him (See Photos)


A jealous boyfriend on a revenge mission has brutally stabbed his girlfriend (80 times) to death for daring to dump him.


A man has stabbed his girlfriend to death after she dumped him. According to Dailymirrorr report, the horse sanctuary worker was stabbed more than 80 times in a ‘sustained and brutal’ attack by her ex-boyfriend moments after she dumped him, a court heard today.
In a bloody and deadly revenge mission, Jordan Taylor, 22, allegedly murdered the 21-year-old animal lover Laura Davies who died outside the Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society, in Pitsea, Essex.
It was revealed that Taylor was overcome with ‘anger and jealousy’ after Miss Davies ended their relationship and stabbed her repeatedly in a frenzied attack as he chased her through the sanctuary, a jury was told.
Police found plates of uneaten food on the kitchen table and the victim fled in her pyjamas with one witness telling the court Taylor crouched over her body stabbing her as she screamed: ‘Please stop.’
His attack was so violent the knife recovered from the scene was badly bent, it was said.  Miss Davies was found ‘nearly dead’ outside the Essex horse sanctuary while police arrested a blood-soaked Taylor nearby. Taylor, who is unemployed, denies one count of murder but accepts he killed Miss Davies.
Peter Gair, prosecuting, opened the murder case at Chelmsford Crown Court this morning, and said:‘Laura Davis was attacked by this man during a sustained and brutal attack on her with a knife – an attack which left her with 80 knife-related wounds. 
‘That attack was, we say, a direct result of Laura telling the defendant that their relationship was over.
‘Whether it was jealousy or anger or a mixture of other emotions, the defendant then attacked her and effectively exacted terrible revenge on her.’
Miss Taylor had been working at the society since January 2013, when she joined as an apprentice. A jury of four men and eight women heard the frenzied attack began inside Miss Davies’ staff accomodation, near to the animal sanctuary, mostly likely in the kitchen. The court heard the pair had initially met while Miss Davies was living in Derby, where Taylor was in a band.
But their relationship developed when Taylor moved into Miss Davies’ flat at the end of 2014 and in early 2015, the pair became boyfriend and girlfriend. But their relationship soured in the coming months after Taylor became‘controlling’. Unemployed Taylor – who denies one count of murder, but accepts he killed Miss Davies- sat still in the dock, wearing black trousers, a white collared shirt and a black tie.
He also listened to court proceedings through a set of earphones. A statement released by the Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society at the time of Miss Davies’ death stated: ‘Laura was dedicated, caring, compassionate and hard working with a true love for all the animals here at the sanctuary.
‘They certainly loved her very much too. A beautiful and very special girl who will be so missed by us all.
‘It has been our privilege and honour to have had Laura as part of our team.’

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