Beyonce and Jay Z spotted at her Uncle’s funeral in Houston

The power couple attended Beyoncé’s favourite Uncle’s funeral in Houston. Her Uncle Skip, (real name Lumis Beyoncé) was said to have been very close to Beyoncé when he was alive. According to his obituary he is survived by his parents, Agnes Derouen and Lumis Beyoncé Sr.; his wife Cynthia Beyonce; sons, Terrance Beyoncé and Terrell Beyoncé; daughters, Andrea (Stan) Beyoncé, Lynn Beyoncé, Michelle Beyoncé, Dominique (Jimmie) Beyoncé-Hilton; Siblings, Selena Rittenhouse, Roland (Jeanette) Beyoncé, Florence (Jimmy) Hilliard, Larry Beyoncé, & Tina (Knowles) Lawson; several grandchildren and a host of family members. Another photo after the cut…

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