After dropping his last body of work “2 Enough 4U”, rising Nigerian trap music artist Uncle Perry finally releases his much-anticipated 16 track album, each song detailing his life and struggles, Hustle and Love.

Uncle Perry calls this amazing body of work “The Gr8value” & promises to take his fans through a roller coaster emotional journey as you listen to one song to the Next. With features from up and rising artists like Petsy, Mk, YF, Dessyboi, Gezzy.

Throughout the Ep, Uncle Perry confidence radiates through in sonic form, and he delivers the perfect songs for trap lovers’ worldwide. There isn’t one dull moment in this project from start to finish.

The Gr8valueis the sound of a truly multi-talented artist fully embracing the unpredictable life we all live that is truly diverse. And in his lyrics, Uncle Perry drifts between his love for the streets and elaborate storytelling and the other half is his self-discovery in recent years.

This E.P is for sure worth a listen, so be sure to check out ‘The Gr8value ’ below:

TheGr8Value Tracklist

1). Gone Too Soon
2). How Broke I Was
3). After Storm
4). Beautiful Shit
5). Can You?, feat. YF
6). Poverty’s Sin, feat. YF
8). Nuh Like Trouble
9). Gangsta Expression
10). It Is What It Is/Lately, feat. Gezzy
11). Proud Of Me, feat. Petsy
12). Single & Searching
13). Control, feat. DessyBoi
14). Omo To Shun, feat. MK
15). Pray For What You Want
16). I Lie


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