Album Review: The Gift by Beyonce

Having struggled to be a fan of the Queen not really loving the album lemonade ..then growing into oh wow, this lady can sing! after hearing her on Walk on water by Eminem..i guess ts safe to say i was late to the Beyonce wankfest Party…On this though..This album!..i’m not late..i’m super early probably the first review u are encountering since this album came out.. If it’s not..well fuck it..u reading my review aren’t you?

Getting into it

1.Bigger…doin well to skip the interludes which are excerpts from the movie and jumpin straight into the music..first song off the album..basically it’s filled wit some sorta motivational lyrics..and glimpses of Bey’s beautiful voice

2..Find your way back..i want to say the instrumental is a little bitty carribean typey also havin elements of EDM Dance..but i see african producers on the credits and i’m not so sure a little dancey..buildin us up for the many groovy songs ahead..Album’s stil slow yet to reach a peak moment..

3..Don’t Jealous Me…Ouuu!! we finally find that song..Employing the services of dancehall powerhouse like Mr.Eazi..Yemi Alade..and Tekno..these ppl know how to make u dance!!…Don’t jealous me is that club banger, expectin a lot of club Djs to play this..Easy lyrics..nursery melodies…the nigerian in you would want to hate this..but then again the nigerian in u(the guy/girl that loves to dance) is gonna love this

4..Ja ara e..Burna!!!…Sadly this is not a Ye!..Can’t say much about it’s replay value..probably would only hit the replay button cos of my bias..Now i’m not saying it’s a bad song..i’m just saying my expectations were really high..and sadly they were not met..loved the “kuron be” inclusion tho..shouts to zlatan u nor dey dis album.. But ur sound was interpolated

5.Nile..Me nor too like when artiste dey form different or jus wan hear melody..i knw these artiste stans mighy come for me..but sorry this is not my jam..but i see them..i see the special wey dem dey form..loved when the beat changed up tho nd the closing

6..Mood 4 eva..ft Jay Z and Childish Gambino many greats on this…errone came thru. No bad was shoutin so many greats on this only to find out twas also produced by Dj khaled..mad o

7.Water..Definitely gon rank high amongst my favorites off this album..but wait who is salatiel?…Pharel’s contribution to this song is heavenly…Sweet ting..Bey just came to boss on this song..lyrics beautiful. Cant wait to see how this song is played out in d movie…and wait who is the producer P2J Man’s has produced two bangers off this album

8..Brown Skin Girl..Eish From one beauty to another..My God this is the best song off the expectations for wiz was really low impact wise..but then man’s scattered every table available indeed he is the best in Africa..Just so yunno P2J produced this again😂
9 and 10/10

9…Keys to the kingdom…hearin tiwa on this and i get this feel of sm1 who saw a chance to prove her worth to the world and took it..iya jamjam burst brain jare..Eazi did well too..Produced by nigerian producer and starboy associate Northboioracle(so much for wizkid nor dey put ppl on)…i shldn’t say this in a review..but…una dey


10…Already: In Rema’s dumebi voice(Another banger!!)…maad o..has Shattawale(Ghanian noisemaker)sorry sarkodie,but shatta nor go let u hear word’s got the bragging rights already..Produced by Diplo .Co produced by Guilty beatz

11..Otherside…love the scales being played..ts soothing..the music itself..not too big a’s a me thing don’t worry..ouu!..i can hear my language being sung..Yoruba😍😍..awwn

12..My Power…this one na southy house vibe o…Maad o..All ladies..but they ain’t playin..Moonchild sanelly(Nija) killed the chorus..Tierra whack snapped on that rap verse..even bey is smhw outshined by them ladies .Busiswa just sticks to speaking her lang on this. I stan this women and this music die..This song is’s getting a 10 man

13..SCAR.. Another song with just ladies Jesse Reyes x O70Shake..and they killed it again..i’ve loved 070 Shake since her contributions on kanye’s album last year..

14..Spirit…Closing song

Excruciating listen..Songs to go many..and long..but most were worth the listen..can this album bring home a grammy?..guess we’ll be discussing that on some other article. For now this is Goodbye.

Ratings and what they mean
6…Musically should be a 7..but it gets a 6 because it’s not really my typa jam
7..Song gets the Good tag
8..Better Jam..Gbedu
9. Arguably the best song(s) off the album
10. Literally drove me crazy

Review by ogbeni_shinzu
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