Album Review: Edsheeran – no.6 collaborations project

Oh the joy i felt the day i came across an image with the tracklist for this project by Ed Sheeran,yes i felt the album art was wack..still think the album title is one kind..but who gives a’s Ed sheeran alongsides many of my favorite artistes..i just can’t wait to dive into this..Get your headphones,make sure your phones are charged lets get into this..

1.Beautiful People ft Khalid
Another song that addresses not fitting in..i guess the one with justin bieber was the sweeter version altho this one sef sweet sha….love the way khalid comes in(sweet)..voice so crispy😍..i’d love to see a video to this..but then i remember the video to i dnt care wit JB nd i’m like worry
Rating: 7/10

2. South of the border Ed is singing like he’s addressing Nancy Mulligan..has the same feel sha..lyric wise..i seem to like the chorus tho..Camilla💃…the beauty in this song lies in the lyrics..Te amo mami😍..wait there’s Cardi on this!!!..yet to hear her mention pussy o..but boy did she kill her verse?..hell fukin yeah!!

Rating: 7/10

3. Cross me

..From the instrumental to the way this song is introduced..bursting my brain already..Pnb rock just pack this song with flavor..Chance went beast mode with his verse..damn the features ain’t taking it easy at all ..err1 killing their verses..Hit material abeg..feels like a song that shoulda been on a Dj khaled album

Rating: 8/10

4.Take me back to london..
.Stormzy!!!…woah Ed’s also holding his own..maad Ed’s snapped..baba dey rap😂😂

Rating: 8/10

5..Best part of me

..This one’s sober..slow..the lyrics sink in..sweet collabo..Yebba..i go steal pant to make a song with this woman..she makes every song better

6. I don’t care

.. Definitely one of the best collabs off this album..Y’all heard it b4 so i nor go talk bout am

7.Antisocial ft Travis Scott

Travis makes every song beautiful with his adlibs(abi na punch i go call am)..arguably the best song i’ve heard so far..ok alongside ..i dnt care wit justin bieber..that ed chorus is u this mad rock feeling u go jus dey shake ur head like craze pesin😂

Ratings: 9/10

8.Remember the name..

I can’t say i’m really a big fan of ed sheeran rapping .but man does continue to rap i no fit beat am na…love d hook(think twas eminem that took it..been wantin for sm1 else to tk d chorus since glad sm1 else finally did)…Damn I loved Eminems verse..50 wit d norm 50 vibe(nor really catch on to any lyric wey bus my head frm him..but na 1time listen maybe next time

Rating: 7/10


That intro frm young thug😍😍…shlda taken d chorus joh..loved hearing young thug go “bada-boom..bada-boom” after ed goes “i got the feels”..
Rating: 7/10

10.Put it all on me..

The starting instrumental tells me i’d love this song….yup i do..Ella Mai’s voice😍😍..lyrics..i’m def gon be playin this whenever i begin to feel mushy mushy☺
Rating: 8/10

11.Nothing on you

...ok i have no idea who the featured acts are..woah wait who is d spanish abi na latin guy…totally love what he’s doin..ok the other guy’s british..grime typa rapper and mans killing it too..ok i love this one. featured acts(Paulo londra and dave) totally came thru

Rating: 7/10

12.I don’t want your money..

what’s my problem wit ed sheeran’s singin?..looks like my mood this moment just doesn’t want to listen to ed sheeran style of singin..but i refuse to use my hand nd type nonsense..ts “by force dope” abeg..H.E.R sings “i dnt want ur money baby o” and i’m wonderin when she suddenly became nigerian..cos that’s how we sing..2:10 i’m enjoying this …Shouts to H.E.R and Ella mai they both came thru wit their contributions on this album

Rating: 7/10

13.1000 Nights..

Sheesh!! Meek Mill’s flow is heaven..i have a crush on meek mill ppl..i can’t help it..i love the way that man raps..Ed comes thru wit d hook. I hope he doesn’t rap..bummer na baba tk verse 2😂..but ts not bad at all(i think m losing my bias)..ts got A boogie wit da hoodie. Ed snapped with these features o…if u knw me. U’ll knw i’m a big fan of wat ever A boogie wit da hoodie does. This song is beautiful joh
Rating: 8/10

14.Way to break my heart…

Typical ed sheeran typa song..definitely gon be on my sad song playlist..anytime shalewa breaks my heart. I’mma hit play on this
Rating: 8/10


Wait..Ed Sheeran has a song wit bruno mars…chee! This album is everything i better love this o.. Not my typa Genre..some Rock shi..but could very well turn out to be a hit…all dese oyibo ppl e get as dem dey take like song
Rating: 7/10

Ratings and what they mean
7…sweet but not really hit material
8..the song is doin my body tinini tanana. Ori mi’n wu..e sweet die
9..Hit material

Review by Ogbeni_shinzu

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