A not so indepth review to VictorAd’s Redeye Ep

I term this review not so indepth because majorly i’m just trying to enjoy the good music rather than really critic. One thing i love about this EP is, there’s no song on it that was previously released and that has me so hyped up to listen. I’m literally in anticipation of every song on this,wondering what new beauty victor Ad has in store for us…i can’t wait to find my new anthem(favorite song) for the next few days…i’m hypeeedddd…let’s get into it already

1.Left Pocket….Produced by Tspize..been a while since i last heard a job produced by Tspize..ts not exactly my favorite..nd i dnt think ts a victor Ad thing..ts more of d instrumental..it doesn’t really do anything to make the song a jam..Victor Ad did all the work

2. Vanessa..Every lyric out of Victor Ad’s mouth has me painting a visual scene in my head..Victor Ad talks about his promiscuous ways all because of Vanessa…love how he ends the song wit “iwo lo ma pa mi last last “…lowkey i feel there’s truly a Vanessa somewhere

3. Kowo wole…Found it…My Favorite.. A typical Victor Ad type song…more groovy tho..but na stee jam…This song sweet abeg..Replay value high

4..Fact….hearing the tag wicked on this song.. ND body dey sweet me already, this boy iambeatz produces some of the best music out there…song kinda reminds me of Emoji..gives me the exact same kind of trips..i see a lot of olamide similarities on this song..the way Victor backs up this song is very similar to what olamide would do..

5.Doh..i looked forward to how he’ll take the chorus and boy he killed it seamlessly..Song can very much be one of my favorites…favorite line “no food for lazy man no b for pesin wey get restaurant”

6..Redeye… Titled same as the ep..prod by KelP.. Song starts very well a vibe.. But seems to become a bore on closing ..a good song regardless

7..kpokpo Didi… Lol agbero wit d love o. this is all I can say about the song for now.. Skip d rating

I think my only upset with this body of work,would be the fact that Victor Ad didn’t bring any guest artiste, i’d have loved to see his chemistry with another industry act..Production wise, I wish the instrumentals were more bouncy/groovey.. They made victor ad do too much work normally in the Afro scene the beat does most of the job for u.. Credits to iambeatz, kulboybeatz, and jaysynths for giving us some of that feel on tracks 4, 3 and 5.

Ratings and what they mean
7…Good listen not spectacular sha
8…i love it..
9…likely to be a fan favorite..lovely

Review by ogbeni_shinzu
Twitter: @ogbeni_shinzu

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