9 Problems Only Sweaty Girls Understand


Sweating is a good thing since it helps you know you’re in good physiological state especially when you undergo vigorous exercise. However, some people are more prone to sweating more than other people which is something that may not be palatable, if you sweat at certain occasions such as when you’re out on a date, for a presentation or at a religious place. Given that we are entering the dry season, it is even more of a struggle to go to work without appearing like you just stepped out of the gym. As a result, we bring to you 9 things women that sweat a lot can relate to.

You’re Naked Most Times At Home
The moment you get home, especially in the guidance season, the first thing you do is to take off all your clothes and take a shower. Even after the shower, you lie down naked on your bed with the fan or air conditioning at full blast.

Using Handkerchiefs To Clean Off Your Shiny Face
Because of the amount of oil produced by the skin when you sweat, a lot of women would rather use cotton handkerchiefs that can absorb oil from the face. Sweaty ladies know what we are talking about here.

They Wonder Why They Bother Wearing Makeup
Irrespective of the cost of the make up, girls that sweat heavily are most times stuck wondering why they spend that much amount on the makeup. Sweat cleans off the foundation applied in no time, in very humid weather.

Avoid Handshakes Due To Sweaty Palms
People generally find sweaty palms repulsive to shake. Women that have sweaty palms are even more cautious of giving handshakes because they know how repulsive it can be to accept such.

You Stick To Certain Colours
Ladies that sweat a lot tend to prefer wearing black and other dark colours that won’t show the sweaty heather gray patches that commonly appears in the armpit region.

Adopt A Laid Back Look
Chances are you’d see women that sweat a lot make their long weave ons and attachments into a ponytail. They mostly do this to allow more hair to the back of their neck and into their hair. They do it on purpose not because they enjoy it.

You Look Like You Gave Your All To Your Workout Session, When It Was Mild
Women that sweat a lot appear to have spent hours working out when the whole time spent is barely 30 minutes.

You Know Different Deodorants And Roll Ons
Because you sweat a lot, you try out different brands of antiperspirants while paying attention to the smell and their ability to help reduce your sweating.

Standing Still To Avoid Your Shirt Touching Your Skin

There are several reasons that girls that find themselves sweating do this but two of the most important reasons for this include avoiding major sweat stains which are difficult to remove when washing and the embarrassment that comes with the stains.

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