8 Simple Ways To Make A Good Impression On A First Date

November 21, 2015


Everybody wants to impress on a first date, but many find it hard. These easy to follow tips will give you the confidence to wow that man or woman.


Whether you pride yourself on being on top of the latest trends, or you’re admittedly a non-fashionista who just likes some nice kit now and then, the threads front does require some thought when it comes to dating. You can’t go wrong with these tips as provided by Rachel MacLynn.
1. Dress For The Venue
First up where are you going on your date? What should you wear? It’s probably a good idea to check before a date especially if some venues have a jacket or no jeans policy. Still, that’s unlikely on the first couple of dates: my recommendation is to always keep things casual and relaxed so you can remove as many pressures as possible.
2. Ask For Help
Do you consider yourself  a total fashion numpty? Do you need a divining stick to navigate your wardrobe (which is mainly formal work stuff and your rugby kit)? If you need some help then get it. Preferably from someone that you know is always well turned out and not someone who is wildly avant-garde. You need to still feel comfortable.
3. Match Your Eyes
Do you have blue eyes? Wear a dark or light blue shirt. Green eyes? Wear a white or light, or mossy green shirt. These are basic ideas that can make your eyes, which hopefully your date will be gazing into, all that more alluring.
4. Wear Clothes That Fit
Have you got the makings of a spare tyre but are still wearing your post-marathon jeans? That goes for jackets, too. Whatever you do, it is absolutely essential that you show up on a date dressed as yourself and not a concocted or flashy version of someone that isn’t really you. After all, you do need to be you moving forward and the visual impression is the first one.
5. Pay Attention To Your Shoes
Check out your shoes. Yes, go on — have a good look at them. When was the last time they had a bit of a clean and polish? A tip: your date will notice your shoes. There’s an old adage that shoes say a lot about a man. So put a bit of elbow grease in and give them a bit of shine. While we are on this subject, make sure shoe colour matches belt colour if visible.
6. Get Manicured
Now take a look at those finger nails, and if it’s a fourth or fifth date and you’re feeling lucky, how about those toe nails too? The look you don’t want to achieve is clawed beasty who has just emerged from a bog. Cut your nails and clean them. If you’re planning on reaching across the table or under it to hold your date’s hand, do it with a nicely manicured, clean hand. Bad feet and toe nails in bed are a total turn off. Sort it out — you’ll find all you need to do this at your nearest pharmacy.
7. Shampoo Your Beard (Yes, That’s What I Said)
Clothes… check. Hands… check. Shoes… check. It’s all coming together, but there’s something you still need to do. To shave or not to shave, in the era of the stubble which has now segued into the ubiquitous beard? All very manly, all very sexy, all very attractive — but only if maintained. Are you planning on sand papering your date’s face off? Shampoo and condition that beard and comb it. If you have designer stubble, clean up round the edges and the neck. Get a haircut if you look like a sheep dog.
8. Ensure Fresh Breath
Then let’s not forget the kissing gear. If you’re going to chew gum to refresh your mouth, chew it, chew it, get rid of it carefully — never spitting it to the pavement. Don’t resume conversation like a cow or a cement mixer.
And when it comes to eau de toilette slash aftershave, remember: a spritz not a wave of it. Everyone would still like to breathe. Make sure your outfit and you are both fresh and fabulous. You’ll have a much better chance of making it to first base.
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