7 types Of Ladies And The kind Of Men most ideal for them


7 types Of Ladies And The kind Of Men most ideal for them

I want to share “MY OPINION” on a very sensitive and controversial issue as regards the types of ladies we have and the kind of guys that is best suited for them.

There is no specific formula for a relationship to be a great one and any man can meet and fall in love with any lady and have a great union together regardless of age or status but nevertheless i have come to realize that what i am about to write holds true in most cases and i promise you all that this will be a revealing as well as thought provoking piece.

I present to you 7 types of ladies and the kind of men that will be most ideal for them to go into a purposeful relationship with…

1.The Teenage/adolescent ladies and undergraduates: Many ladies at this stage of their lives tend to mingle and fall in love with guys of same age group like an 18 year old lady falling in love with a fellow teenager or a guy of a very close age gap…Many female undergraduates also tend to get involved in school romance with guys of same academic level or maybe just a year or two ahead of them.

Yes in few cases the ladies in question might just be fortunate enough to grow older together and end up marrying the guy but the truth is that the guys who are most ideal for teenage or adolescent ladies are men of wide age gap say from 6 yrs and above as these set of guys will appreciate these ladies more unlike their age mates or guys with just a year or two older.This may not make sense until these ladies find themselves at age 26 while the guy at age 28 will still be playing around and does not even know what he wants.

2.:Ladies in their mid or late twenties Ladies in this category needs no sooth sayer to know that they should try to look away from guys in their 20s if they really want a purposeful affair.Yes yes we know that some guys are very well focused in their 20s especially late 20s but lets not fool each other..7 out of 10 guys in their 20s don’t even understand a jack about commitment so why give yourself avoidable heartache falling in love with guys who are far from ready to commit themselves in matrimony? Guys in their 30s are best suited for ladies in this category.

3.Ladies in their early 30s: If you are a lady who for one reason or the other finds herself unmarried in this age category please calm down and remove your mind from guys of very close age gap even in the 30s because most guys in their early 30s still have eyes for the twenty something ladies but we still have some guys in their late 30s who are very cool with ladies in their early 30s so a 30 or 32 year old lady should expect more appreciation from unmarried guys in their late 30s as well as male divorcées or widowers as they will not only desire these ladies in early 30s but will also appreciate them deeply unlike guys of very close age gap while guys of younger ages should be avoided like plague if you can because most times,they are only interested in playing you and moving on.

4.Ladies in their late 30s and early 40s: We all know that 7 out of 10 guys in this age brackets must have been in one form of committed affair at a point in their life before attaining this age bracket so apparently most guys in their late 30s or early 40s are either widowers or divorcées which simply means that the guys that will naturally be most suited for ladies in this category are either divorcées,widowers or you just might meet with very few ones who have never been married before.

5.The unmarried single mum: Well i believe this is a rather daisy situation as many hot single mums still find themselves in the hands of hot young never married guys who sincerely desire them but lets be frank with each other..It is not so easy for an unmarried single mum to see a never married single guy to really desire her and want her as a wife except she is very fortunate so my advice is for ladies in this category to look in the direction of single guys who are also baby daddies. The widowers with children,the male divorcée with children will be most suited for an unmarried single mum.

6.Female divorcées: If you are a lady divorcée without a child and still very much young then you just might be fortunate to meet a never married man who will sincerely want and appreciate you but if children are involved them your best bet will be a fellow male divorcée with children or a married man who will not mind to have you as an extra wife.

7.The widowed: This depends on the age of the lady but any widow with children and in here 30s may find solace more in a fellow widower with children,a make divorcée with children or a married man.

I know this piece may not make sense to some people but those who reason deep might just see the truth in it but as i wrote earlier on,

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