7 Things To Know BEFORE Doing IT On The First Date (Yes, It’s OK!)

November 21, 2015

dating and having sex

Who made the rules about waiting anyway?

Sex is a personal and private matter and not something that someone else can dictate.

In fact, no one should have power or influence over your decision as to whether or not you should have sex on the first date, fifth date, or wedding day — not your best friend, your mom, your mentor, or the person you are going to have sex with. Only you can make a decision as to when the time is right for you.

So when should you have sex? Is it better to wait, or should you go all the way on the first date? Here are some things to think about — whatever you decide:

1. Make your own decision about whether or not you want to have sex

There are couples who have sex on the first date and end up in totally healthy, enduring relationships that lead to happy and fulfilling marriages — just as there are people who had sex on the first date and never spoke again. There are couples who waited until they were in a committed relationship and broke up after a few months, and there are couples who don’t have sex and don’t go beyond date eight.

Whatever you are comfortable with, is what you should do. Just make sure you make that decision for yourself (and let them do the same).

2. Make sure you bond emotionally before anything happens

If you want to up your chances of being respected after having sex, or remain in a relationship afterward: have emotional intimacy BEFORE physical intimacy. Ask the right questions, get emotionally raw, be authentic and get to know each other on a deeper level. If you pre-qualified effectively first, you’ve already started building that emotionally intimate relationship.

3. Check your expectations and protect your own emotions

Communicate your honest expectations before the deed is done. If you’re not in it for the same thing, someone is bound to get hurt. Make sure you are on the same page and confirm that you can handle the emotional baggage.

4. NEVER feel pressured to do ANYTHING

ONLY have sex if YOU really want to have sex. It’s your decision, and no one should push you one way or the other.

5. If you decide to have sex, use a condom

You’re just getting started, so play it REALLY safe — remember, this is the FIRST date. If things don’t work out, this will give you one less thing to worry about.

6. Avoid regretting your choices

Once you make your decision, stick with your gut and make sure you aren’t second guessing yourself. If you’re going to regret it, don’t do it! If you are questioning if you should do it and you feel like you should stop it, then just stop. But if you enjoyed yourself and were comfortable with your decision to HAVE sex, don’t regret that either.

7. Know that sex doesn’t equal a relationship

If you know that you normally become attached after you have sex, don’t have sex on the first date! So what’s the rhyme and reason? There isn’t one. Sex doesn’t mean the same thing to every person, so don’t expect a relationship afterward without talking it through with your partner.

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