7 STRONG signs your relationship has no future


It’s pretty easy to spot a disheveled relationship; you cannot live a damaged, hurt life. It’s better to let go of a relationship if it brings you more pain than comfort. It might be a difficult decision to take but trust me; it’s going to be all worth it in the end, not only for you but for your partner too.

There are certain things a relationship just cannot function without. Is your relationship worth holding on to? Go through the list and see for your self.

Your partner can’t accept you for who you are;

Everyone has positive and negative traits, and a good partner will accept all of your flaws. Your partner doesn’t have to enjoy watching The Real Housewives with you, but they should accept that you enjoy it and leave you to it without judgment. If your partner doesn’t like more important things like the way you dress or your career, it is time for you to leave. Being unable to accept one another for who you are is one of the biggest indicators that the relationship won’t work out.

Lack of Empathy;
A relationship isn’t only about staying with each other during the good times. We all face different kinds of stress and problems every day. We have tough days at work, sometimes we go through major health or financial issue.
A good partner would empathize with you, will try to help solve your problems, instead of getting irritated or pushing you away. If your partner refuses to offer you support during tough times, and stays aloof and withdrawn, it’s one of the biggest indicators that your relationship won’t work out in the future.

You can’t accept your partner for who they are;
Accepting each other works both ways. If your partner loves you for who you are then you should be able to offer the same to your partner. Ask yourself this; if there are things your partner does that you hate or cannot come to terms with, why are you with them?

You struggle to handle each other during the hard times;
Relationships come with intimacy, happiness and laughter, but they also come with stress, bad moods and hardship. Of course you will love your partner when they are happy and relaxed, but do you feel the same way about them when they are irritated? In a relationship you should support each other during hard times, not push each other away.

One-sided Relationship;
Not all relationships start one-sided, but most end this way. A successful relationship requires both the partners to give and take. When one partner does more or takes more, that’s when the conflict starts. As a relationship requires an equal amount of effort and put in by both parties. In order to make a relationship successful, you both need to sacrifice. If one partner cares too much and the other one fails to meet them half way, it’s a sign that the relationship is on the verge of a collapse

Both parties struggle to trust each other;
Both you and your partner should trust each other implicitly. If your partner has given you a reason to distrust them, you can either forgive them and try toe and Facebook Messages forge a future or move on. The worst decision you can make is choosing to stay when you don’t trust them. If you find yourself checking your partner’s phone when they leave the room, breaking up and moving on may be the best option for both of you.

You dont see a long term potential;

A relationship requires a lot of time and effort, so it is important to make sure you are putting in work for something that could actually last. You don’t have to want to marry your partner, but you should be able to envision a happy future together. If you don’t see a future together at all it may be time for you to move on.

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