6 Tricks Every Lady Enjoys In Bed


Looking for a way to hit it top-notch in the bedroom? Look no further, here is a detailed research on how to satisfy your woman sexually.

Getting your woman to feel like a woman can be so easy with these top of the league tips that would expose all the secrets you need to be the real man. Here are six perfect tips for your reading pleasure.
1. A little Inversion
You’ll need a low bed, futon or couch for this one, and some cushions or pillows on the floor so she won’t hurt her head.
How: She lies on her back on the bed, then slides off the side so that her head, shoulders and upper back are over the edge and resting on the cushions. You move in and penetrate her, bracing yourself on the edge of the bed or whatever other furniture is available.
Why it works: the position stretches her belly, pulling the lips of her vagina so that your penis makes good contact with her clitoris. And her breasts will be close to your face, which is always nice.
2. End-on
Two pillows and a bed are all you need here.
How: You lie on your back, she on her side, with your squishy bits touching and your heads facing in opposite directions. She slides down onto your erection.
Why it works: Despite your faces being apart, there’s a surprising intimacy to this position. Your partner can move to whatever position stimulates her, while you’ll have an usual amount of pressure on the head of your penis. One warning: not all guys’ penises are flexible enough to achieve this position. Check beforehand.
3. Rodeo
You need a bed, a pillow and a reasonably fit set of back muscles. Lie on your back on the bed, then slide off until only your upper back on head are on the mattress, with your feet taking your weight on the floor. She straddles you and uses her feet to thrust up and down.
Why it works: She has complete in control of the angle, speed and depth of the thrusts, but also has freedom of movement because she’s supporting her own weight. Your hands are free to stimulate her wherever she likes. Keep your legs braced during her orgasm, as her knees might go wobbly for a while.
4. Wall banger
Sit with your back to the headboard or the wall, with a pillow behind you. She sits on your legs facing you, then bracing herself on your legs, puts her feet on your shoulders and slides forward onto your erection.
Why it works: it’s a very stable position because you’re supporting her weight on your lap, leaving her to use her arms to push onto and off your penis. You’ll both have a good view of your genitals in close contact, which many women find intensely arousing.
5. The nuzzler
She lies on her tummy, on the bed, with a pillow under her pelvis. You lie between her legs and enter vagina from behind.
Why it works: It’s one of the easiest and most reliable ways to hit the fabled G-spot, that coin-sized bundle of nerves inside the front of the vagina. Her bottom will prevent you from penetrating too deeply and missing it. It takes a while for some women to become used to pressure on the G-spot, but many develop an instant liking for it. You can whisper sweet nothings from behind, hence the name.
6. X-File
You sit on the bed with your legs open before you knees slightly bent, while she straddles you.
Why it works: many women find bronco-like thrusting less fun than having a penis inside them providing focused pressure while their clitoris is stimulated. You can try holding hands and leaning back, then focus on keeping the base of your penis providing pressure on the clitoris.

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