6 things you should never tolerate in a long distance relationship


There should be rules and some things should never be tolerated if you are sure you want to spend the rest of your life with that person.

Amanda Chatel of Bustle lists these things that should never be tolerated in a relationship no matter the circumstances:

1. An open relationship: You have to be really strong to handle such kind of relationship. Such request from a partner should be answered with a big NO.

2. Being predictable: Monotony kills a relationship faster than anything else. Being spontaneous in your communication style and actions on the other hand would go a long way for both of you since technology has made everything easier.

3. Hanging up on your partner mid-conversation: This totally explains itself, no matter should be solved with that kind of reaction, it just builds up resentment.

4. Jealousy: It’s okay to be jealous but at a controllable level, too much jealousy could affect both your well being and  relationship. Building trust between you and your partner is essential.

5. Single word texts: Words like ‘yeah’, ‘lol’, ‘ok’ may seem like you aren’t paying attention to your partner or you are trying to discharge them to go do other things. A quick text message would do more for your relationship than a monosyllabic word.

6. Being silent: Never stop talking to your partner, prolonged silence could drive them into the arms of someone who’s closer and ready to given them a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen.

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