53 year old billionaire Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, pregnant with twin girls

Swiss billionaire Margarita Louis-Dreyfus has announced she is pregnant with her second set of twins.

The 53-year-old chairwoman of French conglomerate Louis Dreyfus Commodities and widow of French businessman Robert Louis-Dreyfus is expecting twin girls in early April. Margarita and Robert, who married in 1992 had three sons, Eric and twins Kyril and Maurice, before he died of leukemia in 2009.

The expectant mother is currently dating Swiss banker Philipp Hildebrand, 52, the vice chairman of US investment manager BlackRock, however she has not confirmed or not he is the father of her unborn children.
In a statement made via her company, Margarita confirmed that she plans on continuing her duties as non-executive chairwoman until the birth, before taking a brief maternity leave and returning to work full time in late April.
The Russian-born businesswoman gained Swiss nationality through her first marriage before she met Robert in 1988 on a flight to London from Zurich.

Margarita, who was working as a circuit-board-equipment seller when they wed, became a full time wife and mother. However, before his death, Robert set up a family trust called Akira BV to hold his majority stake in the privately held, Amsterdam-based company, naming Margarita the family trustee.

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