5 Reasons Why “Rule No. 1” Is A Must Watch Movie

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With just a couple of days to go before the premiere of Nollywood Blockbuster “Rule No. 1”. The excitement among fans is reaching a feverish pitch.

The Ectasy is raving reviews owing to the fact that this is one of the first Nollywood Movie that will gain such driving accord in recent times.

Now see 5 reasons why you must visit the Cinema to see “RULE NO. 1”.

1. It’s full of lessons that will get you questioning the desire for more of such movies in the Industry.
2. It is mind blowing and gives you an insight on how friendship is being managed despite differences.
3. The story is dazzling, with high level of technicality in terms of directing and pictures.
4. The acts are highly dexterous, with perfect calmness that is stylishly laced with anxiety.
5. The storyline is transitional with a perfectly timed continuity that would keep you glued to you seat at every seconds.

June 1st is just around the corner and everyone is warming up to take advantage of that prime moment that will accommodate this Nollywood Blockbuster titled “Rule No.1”.
From Mogson production comes this romantic comedy movie “Rule No1” starring chinonso young (“Tega”) Bucci franklin (“Tamuno Preye Boxer”) and Keira hewatch (“stephanie”) . The film is directed by Lyndsey F. Efejuku, produced by Oluchi Afurobi and executive producer Matthew Gbinije Ceo Mogson production limited.

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