5 Household Sex Toys That Would Bring More Fun To Your Bedroom

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5 Household Sex Toys That Would Bring More Fun To Your Bedroom

A lot of people are interested in spicing things up in the bedroom and living their sexual fantasies but don’t have the access or courage to step into a sex shop. If you’re keen enough to living up your fantasies, you don’t necessarily have to look for a sex shop as some of the things you require maybe lying fallow in and around your house. You can build your own erotic sex toys from household objects. You must however remember to keep these things as sterile as possible by washing and disinfecting to avoid the risks of infections. Here are five household objects you can turn into erotic sex toys that can make your fantasies come true.

Belts, Ties And Scarves
If you’ve ever watched the movie ’50 Shades of Grey’ and you and your partner are interested in some BDSM acts, just look through your house for materials. Your belt can come in handy as a binding tool, your scarf as a blindfold and your tie as a gag. This will bring fun to your sexual experiences without intimidating your partner, as a regular piece of clothing is more homely and acceptable than a full blown toy.

A whole lot of fruits and vegetables take on the shape of a penis. You could go shopping for a size that fits perfectly. Fresh vegetables such as carrots and cucumbers are best but ensure a condom is worn over them before inserting. Take caution however with anal insertion to avoid something untoward getting lost in you.

Household Vibrators
Electrically powered Vibrators are mostly gotten from fancy sex toy shops but I bet you never knew you had vibrators lying around in your house. A lot of women would appreciate the humming and vibrations that come from the spin cycle of a washing machine and the grinding sound of a body massager. The vibrating mode of your phone will produce the same sensually stimulating effect on her clitoris as a battery powered vibrators would. If she’s up for a more intimate experience, you can wear a condom over an electric brush and gently insert it into her for her to get that ‘wow’ experience.

Spoons are ideal household tools that are good for eating, baking and wait for it, spanking! More so, you probably didn’t know the other end of a spoon can come in handy as an insertable tool (use a condom over it though). Sex psychologist, Dr. Ava Cadell says that “When you have an intimate relationship with objects in your home, you create a sexy overall atmosphere without even knowing it.”

Items With Textured Surfaces
Textured surface items can come in handy if you’re into erotic foreplay characterised with sensual massages. Household objects such as combs, gloves and toothbrushes have varying degrees of textures surfaces which can bring about sensual sensations that can combine to give erotic and explosive experiences to remember. Soft bristle brushes and the teeth of combs can be used to stroke and tease different erogenous zones of your partner’s body including the inside of her arm.
Lastly, it is important you get the consent of your partner before using any of these household sex toys or any sex toy at all. Go slow with them and make your sexual fantasies come true.

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