4 Ways To Use Lemon Aid Weight Loss

February 26, 2018


Lemon plays an important role when added to weight loss recipes and/or drinks. It is a natural detoxifier which helps the body to easily shed unwanted toxins.

Drinking a glass of hot or cold lemon has become an essential part of the weight loss programme of many people.

Here are some lemon detox diet recipes.

Lemon juice with honey

Honey is a natural home remedy for obesity and lowering of cholesterol levels. A diet of honey and lemon-juice is highly beneficial in the treatment of obesity.

The honey-lemon juice concoction is better taken on an empty stomach.

Lemon ginger water

Apart from the fact that it tastes good, lemon and ginger, when combined, help to complement your weight loss diet.

Ginger root, a great fat burner, mixed with lemon in the morning helps activate thermogenesis, which makes the body to burn fat.

Lemon water with mint

Infused water, also known as detox water, has been found to have numerous health benefits which include weight loss.

Hot lemon water with mint recipe has simple preparation steps. Mix the juice of half a fresh lemon in a mug of hot water and add a few mint sprigs.

If you need it sweetened, add a teaspoon of honey while the water is still hot.

Cucumber lemon water

Cucumber is perfect for weight loss as it helps to flush out toxins in the body. Cucumbers are low in calories, act as a diuretic, and are high in dietary fibre.

Combined with lemon water, it is a surefire way to shed weight and achieve a flat tummy.

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