$2.1 bn arms deal does not exist. It’s a figment of the imagination of the current administration – Dokpesi

Former Chairman of Daar communications, Raymond Dokpesi says the the current $2.1 billion arms deal fund does not exist and is a grand plan by the current administration to discredit PDP. Dokpesi who was arrested and later released on bail in connection with the arms deal scandal, said this while speaking at his investiture as the patron of the PDP Youth Vanguard and honour as ‘the freedom fighter of PDP.

“So much political water has passed under the bridge since the general election of April 2015, so much have been said about our members, many of whom have been publicly vilified even without being heard.
Even as I speak to you now the relentless pursuit of our members across the country is being intensified and I can say to some measure of certainty that a lot more light in store for the PDP and its members. Our party, the People Democratic Party, played a key role in the entrenchment of democracy in the country. We will not be weakened or demoralised in playing our role as the important opposition voice which is very critical ingredient in any democratic state. We may be harassed, we may even be bent, but we are resolute and will not be broken. In the 16 years in power, it brought about major reforms in the economy, communication, technology and business which has today made Nigeria the biggest economy in Africa. The democratic freedom upon which the now ruling party rode to power is made possible by PDP government, which ensured fundamental human right of citizens to freely express themselves were guaranteed, even at the expense of its existence as the then ruling party. Legislation like freedom of information act are realities of the PDP government. And I dare say that even the EFCC, the ICPC, and all the agencies that are today said to be dealing with issues of corruption were brought in place by PDP government. I speak in regard to the several matters before the law court of our country concerning PDP members and especially my humble self on charges filed against us by the federal government. The provisions of section 287 of the constitution are very clear on the obedience of court orders by all arms of government. Having said so, I must assure you that there is nothing like the much flaunted $2.1 billion dollars arms deal, it does not exist. It’s a figment of the imagination of the current administration in an attempt to disseminate, misinform, destroy the very root of the PDP and you must stand, each and every one of you must stand for the Peoples Democratic Party. I have unshakeable faith that the youth are not just the future but the present of our dear country Nigeria, and must be active if the heart-felt democracy is to be sustained and protected.”he said

Source: TheCable

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