Whether you agree with me or not, social media is one of the places you can truly get to have a foresight of the kind of person you’re dealing with. However, the attitudes displayed by most ladies online is a reflection of the kind of person they really are out there, so don’t let the mentally ill pukes blindfold you that some people don’t live their real lives online

Without wasting time, I shall discuss the attitudes displayed by ladies on social media that robs them of husbands in real life

1. Gold-digging Attitude

Some ladies are fond of putting up all sorts of gold digging status online just to showcase their class. To be very candid, no matter how rich a dude is, it’s very discouraging to see a lady putting up status that reeks of gold-digging. This is a big turn off because such a dude will feel the lady is nothing but a money monger. This remind me when I saw a revelation that I should woo a lady on BBM, to my surprise she quickly put up the status “I’m allergic to broke dudes”. The man of God just shook his head and the rest is history

2. Being too Rude/Hostile

Many ladies are not accommodating and are usually very rude, pompous and narcissistic online. They talk rudely, dish out insults at any slight provocation and also treat both guys with good intentions and bad intentions like Dangote bag of cement. Out of ignorance, many of them don’t know that such an awkward attitude may deny them husbands.

3. Stereotyping Online Dudes as Players

A dude might stumble on a lady’s comment and finds it very thoughtful and brilliant and the dude decides to send a mail just to know more of her. The lady sees the mail and jumps into conclusion that all he wants is S3x. This myopic way of reasoning that every dude that sends friend request or mail only wants S3x has been immensely contributing to their lost of potential chairmen.

4. Being Too Impatient

Impatience often makes ladies send their future husbands away just because they couldn’t answer the question “where did you get my phone number or PIN?”. Last year, I added a lady on BBM and guess what? She was the first to PING me with the message “tell me where you got my PIN otherwise I will delete you right away”. Can you just imagine?

5. Incessantly Demanding for Recharge Card

This is a barbaric act that portrays a lady classless and shameless. A dude met a lady barely a week and she’s already demanding recharge card and data subscription to enable her chat with him. In fact, the one that annoys me most is seeing status update such as “”my data bundle is about to finish, who cares to renew it?” Many ladies don’t see anything bad in this act unknown to them that it depletes their chances of finding husband

6. Displaying Slvt-ish Attitude

Before a dude decides to add a lady on social media, the first he will do is check her pictures to have a foresight of the kind of person he wants to add, and by the time he sees all sorts of B00bs and buttocks revealing pictures, he concludes she’s irresponsible and nothing but a chop and clean mouth material.

7. Changing Relationship Status like Disco Light

Another thing that discourages potential chairmen from wooing a lady is frequent changing of relationship status. If a lady often changes her relationship status from single to engaged, engaged to married and vice versa, this will put potential the chairmen into a state of confusion, therefore, some of them will lose interest in that process and they will feel she’s chameleon-like in nature

8. Displaying a Degree of Dumbness

Just as my friend always say, If they want to date a lady, they will like to have her facebook ID and check the content of what she posts online and by the time they see updates that reeks of dumbness and illiteracy, they will just jejely wear their boxers and withdraw themselves.

9. Making Unrealistic Qualities in a Man

Honestly speaking, some ladies usually found on social media looking for 1,000 qualities in just a man. He must be rich, handsome, light skinned, funny, brilliant, six packed; must have elaborate joystick and should be God fearing. Haba !!! All these qualities in just a man? Even Jesus Christ does cannot have all these qualities.

10. Uploading Pictures of Various Dude as each day passes

No be say these guys dey go birthday or something. They are always putting up their pictures and start heaping praises on them for financially help. This act is a big turn off for dudes cos I will feel she’s promiscuous in nature

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