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How To Lift Your Sagged B00bs Naturally.

These remedies are fully effective. Let us research some of the home remedies for lifting br**sts. 1. Massage With Almond Oil or Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera is great for skin tightening. It is known to be used for centuries to remove the wrinkle from the skin. Massage your br**sts …

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REVEALED! Why women live longer than men

​ From time immemorial, women have always been regarded as the weaker sex, when compared to men. But that seems to be nothing more than a cliché now as women appear to be increasingly outshining men in several things. For example, scientists have proved that women are smarter, more intelligent, …

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6 Sets Of Friends We All Had In Secondary School

​. If you schooled in the 80’s and 90’s, then this post should bring back a lot of hilarious memories. Back then we didn’t consider it funny, but now? We wish we could relive them with the same set of people. And by ‘school’ I meant secondary school. Cliques and …

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5 Things Guys Do SO Wrong When They Hit On Girls

There’s a right time and multiple WRONG times to approach a woman — know the difference. It seems that it’s time to talk about good ideas and bad ideas when it comes to approaching women. See, last week, an example of holy hopping sheep shit never do this from 2013 called “How …

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