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Seven Bible verses you will not believe

​​For most Christians, the Bible or the Holy Bible as many call it is their yardstick. The book is revered, believed in some cases to possess magical powers and is also regarded as the law. Many will however be shocked by some verses of scripture in the Bible that they …

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How to Ask A Guy Out Without Sounding Totally Desperate.

​ Just be cool bro. Nothing can make a girl break out in nervous sweats faster than asking a guy out. For decades we never had this kind of pressure. It’s new, and we need to cut ourselves some slack. Asking someone out is tough and can breed more anxiety than some of us are personally …

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4 ways to get a girl who plays hard to get.

​ If you’re in a complicated relationship with a girl who behaves like your girlfriend, but doesn’t want to date you, you’re definitely getting led on. There’s a big difference between not being interested and playing hard to get. A lot of men mistake women saying No and they think …

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11 Ways To Earn A Woman’s Trust.

​ The good looks, well-defined muscles, immaculate dress sense and smooth talking will all count for nothing when a woman cannot even trust your words, let alone your actions. Ask every woman, regardless of their size, age and other classification, they will tel you that they rate trustworthiness as a …

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Top 5 Richest Artistes In Nigeria

​Year in year out, they artistically express themselves via songs churned out en masse to the delights of millions across the globe, headlining shows and performing at others with major sold-out feature. While some of the artistes on this list make the ‘we love to hate them clique, there is no …

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5 Things Men Think About When You’re on Top

Here are five things guys think about when you’re ridin’ dirty. 1. “This is a nice break.” Lots of guys are likely to initiate the cowgirl move because they’re winded, or on the brink of premature Release. 2. “b**bs!” No other position affords such amazing optical access. 3. “I could …

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